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The Heart of Your Vehicle

When it comes to your vehicle’s performance, the engine is at the heart of it all. It’s what helps you get to-and-from your destination. It’s the reason we’re not operating our cars like they do in the “Flintstones.” Without the engine, there is no car. So when you run into engine problems, you need an auto repair shop that knows what to do. Fortunately for you, Sinister Autoworks in Severn, MD is that auto repair shop.

Our team of engine repair experts has the tools, skill, and knowledge to provide the care that your engine needs. We’ll be able to accurately diagnosis what’s wrong, perform the repair, and provide you with useful info to help maximize the life of your engine. From stall outs to fluid leaks, the Sinister Autoworks team is ready to get your engine back in working order!

Do You Need Your Engine Repaired?

When you start running into engine problems, your first indicator is the dreaded check engine light. Though helpful in notifying you that something is wrong, it doesn’t tell you what exactly it is. Fortunately, we don’t have to rely on the check engine light as there are other signs that can tell you what’s wrong. Wondering what some of those are? Well, the Sinister Autoworks team is here to help you.

White, Blue, or Black Smoke

You’ll typically notice these smokes coming from your exhaust pipe. With white smoke, that indicates your coolant mixture is leaking and mixing with your engine oil. If your coolant is leaking, that usually indicates that there is a cracked cylinder head, blown head gasket, or a cracked engine block. Check your engine oil dipstick for an brown color and slimy consistency, which are clear indicators that your coolant and engine oil have mixed together.

For blue smoke, this typically means that a seal in your engine has broken and your engine oil is burning. Another culprit can be worn piston rings that aren’t sealing properly, so it’s allowing oil to slip into the combustion chamber. Regardless of the problem, send your vehicle to Sinister Autoworks immediately. If not quickly taken care of, you could be looking at a big repair or total replacement, both of which are expensive!

If you see black smoke, that means too much fuel is in the combustion chamber causing an imbalance in the fuel/air ratio. A Sinister Autoworks mechanic will be able to quickly fix the problem and get you back on the road in no time!

Loud Noises

If you hear this sound, please bring your car to our shop as soon as possible. Typically, this means that your engine is experiencing a bearing failure. The sound will usually come from the bottom of your engine as that’s where many of the fast-moving parts live. If not promptly fixed you could eventually find yourself paying for an engine replacement, which is costly.

Schedule Your Engine Repair With Us!

If you start experiencing engine problems, make sure to visit Sinister Autoworks in Severn, MD. Our team of experienced mechanics will be able to diagnosis what’s going on with your engine and provide the repairs you need. We’ll make sure that you avoid any costly repairs and that you get to keep your engine, instead of paying for a new one. Give us a call 410-204-1306 and schedule your engine repair with us today! Need immediate service? Visit our shop at 508 Shaw Court #103! We accept all walk-ins!*

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