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Why You Need Consistent Brake Service

When vehicle owners think about car safety, your brakes are usually the first thing that comes to mind. It makes sense as your brakes are an important part of your vehicle’s safety. Without them, it’s impossible to safely drive your car. By taking care of your brakes, you take care of yourself, your passengers, and everybody driving around you. That’s why when it’s time to have your brakes serviced, you need an auto repair shop that takes safety as seriously as you do.

That’s where Sinister Autoworks in Severn, MD come in. Our team of brake repair specialists has the knowledge, equipment, and experience to assess the condition of your brakes and make the repair. Whether you need new brake pads or you’ve damaged your brake rotor, our team of mechanics will be able to handle the problem!

Signs of Bad Brakes

Staying attentive of your brakes will help maintain the health and safety of your vehicle. Fortunately, your brakes have a lot of simple signals that inform you of their current condition. Some vehicles will even have a warning light appear on the dashboard! If your car doesn’t have that luxury, don’t worry, the Sinister Autoworks team has your back. Here are some simple signs that it’s time to repair or replace those brakes.

Spongy Brakes

When you press your brake pedal, you should feel a fair amount of resistance. Your brakes should also be responsive to even the lightest of taps. When you start pressing further down just to activate your brakes, you’re dealing with spongy brakes. This typically means that there is air or moisture in your braking system and you should visit our shop immediately. If not attended to, you’ll eventually encounter an “I have no brakes” scenario, which is a scary situation to be in!

Squeaking or Squealing

If you hear squeaking or squealing when you step on the brakes, it means that your brake pads are wearing out. Fortunately, many car manufacturers and brake pads have mechanisms built-in to warn you when your brake pads are worn out. Some cars will even have an automated light appear on your dashboard to indicate when it’s time for a replacement. Many brakes pads will come with a spring or metal “hairs” that will slightly scrape the metal and cause the sounds.

Regardless, make sure to bring your car into Sinister Autoworks and get your brake pads changed. If left unattended, your brake pads will completely wear out and create metal-on-metal contact between the calipers and brake rotor. That’s not good.


If you hear this sound, please stop driving and bring your vehicle to a Sinister Autoworks mechanic immediately. This indicates that your brake pads have completely worn out and there is currently metal-on-metal contact between your calipers and the brake rotor. This will leave deep grooves within the brake disc and it may warp the rotor if not attended to. Owners that don’t get new brake pads can face expensive repairs, or may even need to completely replace the brake rotor.

Schedule Your Brake Repair With Us!

If your car needs any type of brake service, it’s best to bring it to the professionals at Sinister Autoworks in Severn, MD. Our team of mechanics has the experience and precision to perform any service or preventative maintenance you need and get your car back to its highest level of safety. Give us a call 410-204-1306 and schedule your next brake service with us today! Hearing that grinding sound and need immediate service? No problem. Visit our shop at 508 Shaw Court #103! We accept all walk-ins!*

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